Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aids (RIC)

“Receiver in the Canal” Hearing Aids (RIC) are a part of the ready-made hearing aid family with certain qualities of its own.

The RIC is much smaller than a “Behind the Hearing Aid”. In fact now-a-days the RIC Hearing Aids are almost like invisible pieces hiding behind the ear.

RIC Hearing aids come with thin tubing. Thin tubing not only adds to the invisibility but also reduces occlusion effect due to excess transfer of vibrational energy in the traditional BTE Tube.

RIC hearing aids are the most suitable options for individuals with sloping losses or with normal/near normal lower frequency responses.

RIC Hearing Aids use standard size domes as well as venting options however on specific requirements can be customized as well. If there is a requirement of higher amplification, to avoid any kind of squealing sound we can put the hearing aid receiver within a customized hard mould.

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