Speech evaluation

Speech and Language Evaluation is an assessment procedure where we assess an individual's communication abilities. This helps Speech and Language Pathologist to evaluate, differentiate, diagnose and treat different types of speech and language disorders in the individual. There are various types of speech and language disorders that require different approach for assessment involving a formal standardised test battery to be performed; These test batteries help Speech Pathologist to diagnose the disorder and understand its nature and complexity thereby allowing the speech therapist to decide the treatment strategy for the individual. Common types of speech and Language disorder include: Stuttering, cluttering, DSL, misarticulation, aphasia, dysarthria, Apraxia, voice, autism, cleft palate etc. The procedure for Speech and language Evaluation start with collection of the patient's demographic data, noting patient's complain, assessing different parameters of speech and language like voice, fluency, articulation, syntax, semantic etc, administering a formal test, collecting speech sample for analysis, diagnosing, assessing the prognosis and counselling the patient about the treatment.

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For more information on requirement of speech therapy for children, you can also perform a simple self check of your child's speech and articulation basis his/her age. You can visit our page: Speech Evaluation for Kids