India Speech and Hearing Centre is a Professional Audiology and Speech Therapy Clinic based at prime locality in Pune catering to individuals with Hearing Problems and Speech Disorders. We dispense best Quality Hearing Aids and offer Speech Therapy services as rehabilitative treatments for age groups ranging from infants to old age.

As a professional Institution we believe in upholding the values of Audiology best practices considering dispensing of Hearing Aids as a part of rehabilitative treatment rather than a commodity for a person suffering from hearing problem. As a responsible institution we thrive to spread awareness on the use of Hearing Aids in the rightful manner to help suit the hearing loss as well as lifestyle of the individual having a hearing loss.

Speech Therapy is another area of our specialization where over a period of several years we have come up with easy and user friendly therapy techniques for early improvement from any kind of speech disorder. Speech Therapy has a lot of relation to psychology of a patient and our techniques of speech therapy are motivated by psychology-driven activities.

It is truly said that our effective communication makes the superior human beings we are and any problem with our hearing or speech can lower the very standards of our lives.

Our Team

India Speech and Hearing Center is a collaborative effort of an experienced team of Audiologists, Speech Therapists and Management Gurus. While Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist provide the backbone to the institution by forming the running team dealing with patients, the management team provides the much needed working hand to organize everything in place.

Our experience spreads across several years as well as states of our country where we have supported numerous centers like ours in a collaborative effort to work towards development of speech and hearing as a science. Putting all the experience with a personalized touch, India speech and Hearing Center has emerged to provide hearing aid counselling, speech therapy etc. services to the population of Pune.

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