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You may see a lot of advertisements in print and other forms of media, exhibiting ‘Home Visit’ Audiologist facility sometimes it is for free of cost, otherwise there is a nominal fee attached to it. It sounds really attractive that you can get all the medical assistance and tests done in your home itself. You do not have to go anywhere, search the address, commutation troubles and if the said clinic in main marketplace or congested place then parking issues etc. You just have to do is to make a call to them, fix timing or ‘home visit’ appointment, give your full address with landmark and there you go, the Audiologist will himself come and see you at your home and you get liberated from all sorts of hassles attached to clinic visit.

But then certain types of doubts and ambiguities come across your mind like are these applicable to people who aren’t cable to commute or anyone can get home visit, may be these are more applicable to old people or differently able person, questions regarding accuracy of the test, may be one has to go in for second test to reconfirm reading at clinic etc. The answers to all the above is ‘NO’ – These days anyone can opt for this facility. No matter if you are fully able to reach the clinic but due to time constrain or any other reason you do not want to come, then surely you can get an Audiologist ‘Home Visit’ where you do not have to worry about readings and test credibility, and moreover you will get appropriate hearing aids delivered to your home itself without going anywhere at all. In addition you can have ‘hearing aids’ real-time live demonstration around your electronic devices like TV, Music System etc.

An experience ‘Speech and Hearing Clinic’, not only provide expert audiologists but at the time slot which is suitable to you at the comfort of your home itself, this makes you free from the tension of commuting and importantly the waiting hours at the clinic. It is a general conception that without a ‘sound proof room’ a hearing test cannot be done but it is not applicable these days. Past one to two decades back, this statement would have been true to some extend but now there is major technology advancement, the audiologist giving ‘home visit’ is well equipped with all these specialized equipments for home hearing testing, hearing aid consultations and hearing aid fittings etc.

Just to give you a technical glimpse behind the procedure followed by audiologist during ‘home visit’ which is more or less same which is followed in their respective clinics. It starts with the general examination of your ears verifying the signs of any sort of obstruction or infection etc. followed by thorough hearing test to determine the accurate level of hearing loss and other related data. According to that you can decide upon the best hearing aid solution. In short, the Audiologist on ‘home visit’ is well suitable, at home examination with high quality hearing devices to facilitate 3Ts i.e. Testing, Treatment and Testament.

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