Hearing aid industry is in a constant phase of technological evolution and wireless hearing aids are a result of that. Hearing is a very complex sense to deal with when impaired and often hearing aid users complain of not being able to get complete support from their hearing aids especially in challenging situations where noise is more or distance of the output source is more. Traditional hearing aid users fail to understand why even the best of hearing aids they use are not able to make them hear properly. We must understand that our natural hearing power is the most advanced sound processing ability we have and our expectation from the hearing aid to deliver the same can’t be met. Our technology is however progressing to meet these challenges and wireless hearing aid technology is just the product we have for dynamic individuals with hearing impairment.

Wireless hearing aids were designed to make use of Bluetooth as well as RF(radio frequency) to connect to the audio output source, stream it through to the hearing aid which also provides necessary programmed amplification, and deliver the final sound at ear level. In this case even if the source of sound is far, to the user it is at the ear level thus making it easy for the individual to understand. More over unlike traditional hearing aid devices, the user also has an option enabled to increase and decrease volume through a remote control device thus helping him adjust immediately to the situational change.

First wireless hearing aids were bought in India by a company called GN Resound. The product was named “Alera” and used multiple accessories for multiple situational challenges. These wireless hearing aids were a revolution and Indian population gave good welcome to this technology at its first acquaintance. Slowly several other companies such as Oticon, Intertone, Starkey also introduced wireless hearing aids with different features for different types of hearing losses.

Where can wireless hearing aid technology help you?

Answer to the above question is: almost everywhere! You can utilize wireless hearing aid technology while:

1. While watching television: The television output can be connected through a streaming device to the hearing aids wherein the user can get all sound at the ear level

2. While listening to music: if you appreciate music, then you can connect your wireless hearing aid to your music system or your Ipod/mp3 player

3. In a meeting: you can keep the streaming device in the middle of the table and it would stream all sounds directly to the wireless hearing aid

4. In a conference: you can keep the streaming device close to the speaker and sit anywhere in the hall, through wireless streaming, the sounds shall reach your ear

5. Mobile conversation: you can connect your mobile phone to your wireless hearing aid and directly stream telephonic conversation in the hearing aid without keeping phone on the ear.

You can utilize wireless hearing aids in several other situations where sound output is required to be heard at ear level. If you need to know more information on the prices for wireless hearing aids or any other detail, then you can contact us @ 8237037087 or write to us through the form below:

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