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In technical terms Cerumen (term used for Earwax) causes conductive hearing impairment. Usually such type of hearing loss is the consequence of a material obstacle such as excess wax, hindering sound waves moving from outer ear to inner ear. In most of these cases, it can be turned around by taking out the obstruction. It is a general perception that earwax is not good for ears, it is not at all correct statement but if it gets deposited more than a level and stuck in your ear canal, ‘hearing loss’ can happen. The situation can worsen up if while making an attempt to clean it with cotton swab, you push the same much deeper in to the ear. This situation can not only lead to hearing loss but also pain, irritation and itching in and around the ear.

In such scenario it is always advisable to visit a nearby doctor or hearing clinic, there it could be determined that the said ‘hearing loss’ is due to the excess of earwax or some other reason. Your inner ear will be first physically analyzed using light and magnification through an instrument known as Otoscope. If it is an earwax issue, then the doctor uses Curet and other techniques such as water pick or a rubber-bulb syringe filled with lukewarm water etc. To understand it better, ear wax is a sort of cleaning mechanism of the ear. It is a self triggered course of action where ear drum generate new skin cells which push out the old cells out of the ear. This so called skin cell movement goes on with ear wax containing all the dead skin cells, bacteria, hair and other dirt particles all the way through the ear canal to outer ear. But the problem arises with when this ear wax get stuck for a while and pile up inside the ear, which could happen due to various reasons, common being type of ear or wax.

It is being observed that without proper professional help such sort of severe cases cannot be resolved, there are several said home remedies, and other techniques given online and on other resources, but it is likely that it will increase your trouble and make your case worse. Even some techniques can give you permanent ear damage even burns also, like in the technique of ear candling which is a method that comprise of putting a lighted cone-shaped candle into the ear and try to take out the earwax. This candle is hollow from inside and said theory behind this primeval technique is that the heat from the candle blaze will leading to a vacuum effect and earwax will automatically stick around the candle and then taken out.

Even ‘Tinnitus’ is also generally a ‘connected indication’ of earwax blockages itself. The deeper the earwax goes up till the eardrum, results in enhancing tinnitus problem. But this should not be read as earwax being the ‘only reason’ behind tinnitus and if you have any related symptoms, it is always better to consult an expert Audiologist for proper testing & diagnosis.

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