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Halo 2 is the most modern quality ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aid. In addition to it is attuned for selected Android phones as well. It comes in a ‘Receiver-In-Canal’ (RIC) hearing aid style and 3 technology levels. It is the connection to a range of technological user- friendly features that any hearing aid can deliver, beyond being just a regular hearing aid. It carries the characteristic qualities of unmatched performance, intelligibility, ease and compatibility with your Smartphone which makes it unique and well preferred. Halo 2 carries a legacy of continuous technology improvements making it immensely easy-to-use but generating best experience in terms of connectivity with hearing and overall health progress making life a bit more hassle free when it comes to medical equipments. With the Trulink app assistance it allows users of both Apple as well as Android platform phones to connect with the device and create unique memories profiles and change other environment settings including for Tinnitus etc.

For music lovers, there could be different liking in regard to genre of music, but clearness of sounds with detailing in hearing every drumbeat is always what everyone seeks from any modern day technologically advanced audio device. Halo 2 hearing aids have powerful processing which takes your music listening experience to whole new level. The focal point remains upon the music perceptibility by the ears with desired intensity and sound resonance quality. It works on both i.e. fully customizable mode as well an inbuilt preset profiling modes giving you various listening environments suiting to your own preference. Technology wise it is equipped with Acuity Lifescape Analyzer, which enables environmental detection system with its seven sound classes which contain multiple environment profiles delivering the most refined output. Apart from this one can stream music directly to your hearing aids, can be used with Siri to have texts and messages read directly and use your Smartphone to control various setting parameters of hearing aids with GPS tracking facility so that it automatically turns on the location based listening environment profile.

Here are some significant features of Halo 2 –

  • The hearing aids are equipped with Acquity Speech Optimization which continuously assists in clearer sounds with precise high frequency resonance.
  • Speech recognition quality helps to reduce the unwanted background sounds and disturbances, enhance the speech for better understanding.
  • A music enhancement mode helps to detect the music tones in the environment and automatically shift on to the desired settings so that you can enjoy the music with improvised hearing experience.
  • There is no need redo to setting for each hearing aid individually, it automatically get synchronized to user adjustments i.e. volume adjustments and environment modification made on one hearing aid are by design transmitted to the opposite hearing aid.
  • Trulink app helps in customizing the hearing aids to give tinnitus relief, the brain getting distracted from tinnitus through a selection of masking noise sounds. This masking sound can be attuned and evaluated by the listener themselves during the initial stage to help choose the suitable masking tone to mask their tinnitus.

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