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It is a Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid, which can be connected directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch via the TruLink app. It comes with size-312 or size-13 batteries with some additional attractive features like streaming audio, phone calls directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids, with immaculate sound and excellent listening clearness. Making the user understand conversations with immense clarity and hear comfortably in any noise surrounding.

The moment you set up your mind, accept to use the hearing aids, this is the step towards hearing wellness and eliminating those empty spaces in your life, trying to live it to its fullest possible. The hearing aid model Halo iQ is one of the best in its category, supporting specific functionalities so that you remain in touch with your loved ones with absolute sound quality and fully customizable to fulfill your individual hearing needs. One has to understand the fact that loss of Hearing is not just only an ear concern, but it is directly related to quality of life and a health issue. This can happen to anyone, anytime and moreover the reasons could be natural or otherwise due to an accident or injury etc.

Halo iQ hearing aids are fully compatible with both platforms of Smartphone i.e. Apple and Android. They are very easy to use features including the Trulink app which can be freely downloaded in your Smartphone helping you to get state of the art personalized hearing experience, ranging from natural hearing with smart transition, varying from unmatched hearing clarity to intelligent amplification of important things & conversations around you. Most importantly, it can stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your phone to hearing aids. Trulink app makes Halo iQ are most intuitive hearing aids which connect them to your Apple or Andriod Smart Phones through Bluetooth technology.

Here are some significant features of Halo iQ –

  • The Trulink app contains personalized control feature, which assists you in adjusting SoundSpace and Noise Manager according to individual choice in various listening conditions.
  • You can easily attend your phone calls, just like any other mobile Bluetooth handsfree or headset device.
  • The remote control feature given on the TruLink app enables you to adjust volume and switch memories of your hearing aids right from your Smartphone itself, it so easy to observe and operate.
  • One can easily store 20 hearing aids setting Memories via the SoundSpace feature given in the Trulink app. It provides facility of tagging the geographical locations through the inbuilt Smartphone GPS. It means whenever you enter your favourite location or place like office, restaurant, health club or home it will by design, identify the location and adjusts the Halo iQ according to the place, like for example you have stored two different memories for workplace and home, so the moment you enter your workplace it will activate ‘workplace memory’ automatically.
  • Halo iQ is equipped with customizable tinnitus assistance through Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, modifiable via the TruLink app, to fetch relief to individuals who experience tinnitus symptoms i.e. ringing in ears.

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