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There are so many people in our individual social circle or even own family itself, who require hearing aids but they refrain themselves from using one. The excuse could be any from cost involved to lack of understanding of its benefits etc. The hearing aids industry is evolving day by day, with state of the art technology being incorporated inside the hearing aid at a very economical pricing, one such hearing aids model is ‘Halo’, which is a standard Behind-The-Ear (BTE) version made for iPhone, with the Trulink app assistance it can distinctively work with iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch. Syncing it with Apple iOS one can get a number of very useful features along with the superb hearing experience like phone calls streaming, text and messages are read directly in ears through Siri, music etc. Moreover through SoundSpace functionality one can define listening environment profiles and change the settings or select from preset options including volume directly being in command of over several setting parameters of the hearing aids lessening your audiologist appointments for tune-ups.

Halo has transformed the conventional hearing aid from a medical utility to an overall life utility device, making it more technological advance, well synchronized to your mobile and other communication devices resulting in a state of the art remedy for your hearing loss. They are very much successful in all type of cases for individual with mild to severe hearing loss. It is well suited for people who like to listen to music, with Halo you will not miss your high-end headphones which one cannot use while wearing hearing aids. These hearing aids are well equipped to stream audio directly from your iPhone or iPad with unmatched crystal clear sound. It can be easily customized according to degree of hearing loss, amplifying high or low frequencies so that you get premium sound resonance to hear every music beat clearly.

Here are some significant features of Halo –

  • The directional microphone targets the virtual point upon the individual talking to you. This accede the hearing aid to increase the speech detailing.
  • The noise reduction technology trims down the surrounding environment sounds so that one can understand the speech better or enjoy music with less disturbance.
  • Even the whistling sound that one usually gets in the conventional hearing aids while talking on phone is minimized by using Halo, its feedback canceller make sure that there is no whistling reverberation all through phone calls.
  • Usually people do care a lot for their hearing aids, but sometimes it happens that you forget where you have kept your hearing aids. So with the help of Trulink app enabled with Halo, one can easily locate them. It works just like any other locator app i.e. the signal automatically gets stronger more you reach nearer.
  • The Trulink app facilitate in fine-tuning most of the setting according to the user, there are preformatted hearing profiles to choose from according to different listening environments, as well as one can customize the same as per his or her preference. Moreover right and left hearing aids can be easily adjusted separately.

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