Once you purchase any hearing aid, its accessories are important and that’s what will be the maintenance or the recurring expenditure. Hearing aid batteries are small button cells with different sizes. Particularly there are 4 sizes available in hearing aid batteries; these are: Size 10, Size 312, Size 13 & Size 675.

Size 675 is the biggest size of hearing aid batteries and is typically used in Behind the Ear hearing aids. This battery generally supplies to super power BTE hearing aids and generally lasts from 15-25days depending on the hearing aid brand.

Size 13 is a middle sized hearing aid battery and is also used in BTE hearing aids devices with a smaller body. Now a days several hearing aid manufacturers have bought in 13 size batteries for Power BTE hearing aids. The Battery life with this is generally 12-15 days

Size 10 and Size 312 hearing aid batteries are typically for CIC, ITC, ITE & RIC hearing aids. Seldom can we find Size 312 batteries being used in a BTE hearing aids device. Size 10 is the smallest of all hearing aid batteries and is used for CIC or IIC hearing aids (completely in canal or Invisible in canal). Typically a Size 10 battery lasts for 4-7 days depending on the hearing aid output and usage. Size 312 battery can be used for super power CICs to uphold the battery life to about 5-7 days. Generally Size 312 batteries are used for ITC, ITE & RIC hearing aids to give them a better battery life.

Battery life is always a pinch in hearing aids especially in a country like India. Siemens bought in a Rechargeable hearing aid battery which also does not provide much cost advantage as the battery itself is expensive, the charger has to be additionally bought in, the life is 1-2 days and maximum number of charging recycles are around 300-400. More over these are alkaline batteries and there no much cost advantage for them.

Typically hearing aids use Zinc-Air batteries which generate 1.2v to 1.4v of charge through oxidation of zinc. These hearing aid batteries produce the most stable output which is most important for a hearing aid since hearing aid output must not go down as the battery is depleting. The only issue with Zinc-Air Batteries is that if proper care is not taken during production to safeguard against air/oxygen, the entire yield can be defective at once. Moreover, once the seal is removed by the user, the battery discharge starts whether or not you are using it.

Rayovac, Vartha & Zenipower are some of the most prominent companies supplying to the world market. The product may be marketed under different names or under the hearing aid brand itself. Rayovac produce suffered majorly in India with too many complaints of defective or discharged batteries. Vartha which brings in Powerone brand of hearing aid batteries has still maintained a decent reputation.

Up to the time when hearing aid batteries had mercury as a component in them their disposal was a major environmental concern! Now-a-days, hearing aid battery manufacturers are producing mercury free batteries which are good for disposing and recycling.

Hearing aid battery price in India are generally around Rs. 180-200 for a pack of 6 cells. However in metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune etc you may find dealers providing some or the other schemes.

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