Why is it that hearing aid prices are always a concern 80% of the population who require it. I have come across hundreds of cases who when recommended to buy a hearing aid in excess of Rs. 10,000, return back a frown! Its not that money is a problem in most cases, its just the priority they give to their beautiful “sense of hearing”.

We can go into big showrooms and buy expensive phones, televisions, music system etc, but what good are either of these if one is not able to clearly hear what comes out of them Problem with hearing instruments is that those cheap chinese hearing devices which cost Rs. 300-1000 are not worth it as being analog amplifiers only do damage to the hearing and induce discomfort in noise. Digital programmable hearing aids that too with a linear amplification are priced at Rs. 10,000 onward.

Phonak which is a leading hearing aid company has introduced a 2 channel digital programmable hearing aid for Rs. 7,500 which makes it the cheapest digital hearing aid in India from a reputed hearing aid manufacturer. Idea is to yet again break the monopoly of siemens, alps etc companies which have been pumping in cheap semi digital & analog products in the Indian market ever since.

One of the leading name which still exists till date is danavox 215ut; A product which has been selling as hot cakes since inception. Its a semi digital hearing device priced at Rs. 6,500. Selling this to below economy class becomes ideas as there is no room for complaint or adjustment.

Folks in my opinion if you wish to purchase a good hearing device and you wish to know how much to spend to get a decent quality then I shall say look above Rs. 15,000 mark. The products above this mark hold some basic features required to produce comfortable sound. Meeting expectations is not he question here but meeting requisites is definitely assured. Today many of us can spend 10-15 thousand rupees on luxury, fun, trips etc; we can buy gold, property buy we fail to buy back our lost hearing through a good device.

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