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As per a recent survey conducted by an American Research Association, it was found that more than 80% of the patients suffering from tinnitus got some relief after wearing hearing aids. But it becomes really decisive to understand the ‘Core Logic’ behind this entire concept, as tinnitus diagnosis and its therapy is still a very complex procedure. Though medical field especially ‘curative science’ is progressing at an exceptional speed, but there are still many areas where more research is required or the desired outcome hasn’t been met yet, one such area is ‘Tinnitus’ where audiology and medical science still not comprehend about certain specific types of tinnitus, their origin causes and how one may tackle them or providing long lasting relief to the individual in suffering.

It is the harsh reality that there is more or less, no accurate enduring therapy for tinnitus. A lot of tinnitus patients observe the ‘ringing sound’ much more in a very quiet surroundings, so substituting the ‘absent sounds’ with hearing-aids, endow with addition stimulus so that it deflects the brain from the tinnitus. We have to be aware of the basic concept that every human-being is only one of its kind, his or her experiences and causes of tinnitus can be totally distinctive or peculiar. So if one corrective concept or therapy worked for an individual, it is not necessary that it will work for others as well. This concept is entirely applicable upon the practice of using hearing-aids to provide relief in tinnitus as well. There many factors which can differentiate the amount or level of possible relief i.e. basic grounds/reason for tinnitus, intensity, since how much the person is suffering from these symptoms, brains and other related medical condition etc. One must understand hearing loss and tinnitus on many occasions a concurrent problem, which leads to concept of programming hearing aids to deal with the ongoing tinnitus symptoms. Sometimes a simple amplification of environmental and speech sounds in the area of your hearing loss can do wonders.

One may comes across many advertisements or articles claiming hearing aids as a solution for tinnitus, but as mentioned above the scope of relief can differ person to person. Mostly all prominent brands of hearings aids now incorporate specialized software programs for hearing aids to assist the therapy by supporting a variety of chosen sound tones that of assistance to the brain to focus on sounds other than the tinnitus. Conceptually it is known as ‘Masking’ in which, amplifying environmental and speech sounds which are not normally being identified by the damaged area of the cochlea (inner ear) can mitigate tinnitus by ‘masking’ it with real sound from the environment by the hearing aids when they are in-function. The hearing aid, in point of fact generates a secondary sound that can be customized in a number of ways to facilitate in trimming down the harshness of the tinnitus. During research some people even described this sound very much soothing just like any music symphony. The moment the hearing aids are detached, the tinnitus symptoms may, and most likely will, come back.

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