India Speech and Hearing Centre is now supplying Digital hearing aids in Mumbai.  Mumbai is a city with fast life and no time; hence to provide Hearing aids in Mumbai we have bought out a “Home Visit” option to meet these challenges.

At the moment, we are concentrating on Invisible hearing aids such as the IIC Hearing aid devices or CIC hearing aid devices in Mumbai. Conventional BTE hearing aids can be ordered on phone itself, however IIC hearing aids need precision of Impression to be designed. If you are having a hearing loss and are looking for cosmetic options to meet your hearing requirements then you can contact us and we shall visit your house for the ear impression/measurement. Once the measurement Is done we shall try to deliver the hearing aid to you within a day or two and the fitting of the hearing aid will be done at your house through our representative.

We are also having CIC or IIC hearing aids with remote adjustment facility. This means that if you require any fine tuning in your hearing aid, then the same can be adjusted by us from our center through a simple telephone call hassle free without you having to travel to us or wait for our representative to meet you..

Hearing aids in Mumbai are easy to obtain with India speech and Hearing Center. Just fill in the form or call us directly @ 8237037087