IIC hearing aids are the most advanced 100% invisible digital hearing aids. These hearing aids are custom designed specific to each individual’s ear canal. The IICs use the smallest components i.e. microphones, receivers and chips enabling deeper insertion in the ear canal. Because of its tiny size and deeper insertion in the ear canal it is invisible when worn. IIC Hearing aids are a step further to the CIC hearing aids or the completely in canal hearing aids which are about 90% invisible.
The advent of invisible hearing aid instruments or the IICs was an immense help to individuals who were seeking cosmetic solutions to treat their hearing loss. The concept of designing a digital hearing aid so small to be invisible gave a new dimension to hearing aid styling. The IIC hearing aid is placed in the second bend of the ear canal i.e. the latter part, closer to the ear drum or the tympanic membrane.

IIC Hearing aids

IIC hearing aids, better than the Old CIC hearing aid

Candidacy for IIC hearing aids

Like all hearing aids even invisible hearing aids have selection criteria. Not everyone will be the right candidate for the use of invisible hearing aid. An audiologist will help to determine whether an individual is the candidate for the IIC. Mentioned below are the selection criteria or Candidacy for IIC hearing aids:
• Ear canals should be relatively straight and wide with a volume of 8mm x 8mm at minimum;
• Individuals’ hearing loss should not exceed the severe stage as we don’t have more powerful receivers in the IIC hearing aid segment as of date.
• There should not be any conductive pathology such as perforation of the ear drum or ear discharge etc.
• Individual should have sufficient manual dexterity, eyesight to use and manage such a small hearing aids.
• It should be avoided by individuals who deal with excessive ear wax issues.

Invisible Hearing aids

100% Invisible hearing aids

Impression taking for IIC hearing aids

Once the candidacy is established and you are ready to treat your hearing loss with this invisible option, the audiologist can proceed with the measurements or the ear canal impression. The impression for IIC is a tricky job even for the most trained audiologist especially in India where 3-d Impression techniques are not available.

A few considerations which the audiologist may observe during impression taking are:
1. Using the vented auto-blocks with plastic tubing that ensures there is no unnecessary pressure buildup in the canal. If there is a pressure build up it may cause harm to the Tympanic membrane while removing the impression.
2. Using Oto-Fluid on the cotton tip of the otoblock to prevent any cotton fibers sticking on the Tympanic membrane
3. Using impression gun tool where precise mixing of material is auto-accomplished. This ensures that the material doesn’t get too hard or too soft inside. It should be optimum for a perfect impression.
4. Keen eye of the audiologist and his/her skill

A Lot of audiologist across India are still using the regular cotton blocks, impression syringe and manual mixing of impression material for IIC impression taking. This should be avoided at all costs as there is always a risk of injury to the patient. As an aware user you can always see how your IIC impression is being taken up.

IIC hearing aid Prices in India

IIC hearing aids are the best variety of Invisible hearing aids using miniaturized technology for microphones and receivers. In India the IIC hearing aid prices start around Rs. 60k-80k. Starkey which is known to bring out the best hearing aids in the Invisible segment have their IIC hearing aid prices starting from Rs. 95k.

At India Speech and Hearing Centre, we use all the standardized guidelines for providing IIC hearing aids. We specialize in counseling, establishing candidacy and impression taking for these 100% invisible hearing aids. Our services are available in Maharashtra (Pune & Mumbai), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Guntur) and in Delhi. For any further information on IIC hearing aids, you can reach out to us by filling the form below. You can also contact us for more details @ +91 7702407770.

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