ISAHC is a specialized Hearing aid centre headquartered in Pune serving Pune & Mumbai. At ISAHC hearing aid centre we specialize in all kinds of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Our approach to hearing aids is practical and scientific and is divided into different stages:

Stage one: Hearing Test and evaluation
It is quintessential to conduct a hearing test also known as pure tone audiometry. This test gives us the exact hearing thresholds of the individual. We also take up the history of the individual to understand the roots and progression of his hearing loss. Along with this we need to understand the discrimination ability of the individual which can be assessed through a simple SDT/SRT Test. Obtaining discrimination scores of the individual helps us understand what kind of amplification is required in terms of Hearing aids for the individual.

Stage 2: Hearing aid trial
At ISAHC hearing aid centre we believe in providing 1st hand experience to the user about Hearing aids. We make the user understand that hearing aids are an artificial source of sound in other words we are digitally amplifying and reproducing sounds through hearing aids to meet the requirement of the individual; therefore adjustment with this new way of hearing is necessary and that is what is a part of rehabilitation for the individual. In certain cases we also perform aided audiometry if further assessment is required to understand the discrimination and adaptation of the user.

At ISAHC hearing aid centre we ensure that hearing aid trial is conducted before purchase of the hearing aid instrument and all aspects pertaining to the hearing machine is explained in details to the user.

Stage 3: Hearing aid Fitting
ISAHC hearing aid centre believes in providing a personal touch to the user hence we encourage user to be present during the time of Hearing aid fitting. This way we get a first-hand understanding of comfortability of the user. Hearing aid programming basis the audiogram is one things and comfort of the individual can be another; this difference can be minimized if user is present during the time of the hearing aid fitting. Use, care & maintenance of hearing aid devices is another important section which needs to be clearly explained to all first time users. It is this care and maintenance of the hearing aid which will ensure long life to this electro-acoustic device.

Stage 4: Hearing Rehabilitation
The reason behind success of ISAHC as a famed hearing aid centre is the fact that we believe in hearing rehabilitation. At ISAHC we make users understand that hearing aid is not a medicine which will work wonders overnight! Hearing aid is a rehabilitative device which needs to be “tuned” to maximum comfort. This requires participation and patience from the user’s side as well i.e. there has to be a precise feedback from the user which can help us understand the acceptance, adaptation and comfort though hearing aid basis which we can tune the device to utmost precision for the user.

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