What could have possibly been a better future to Wireless hearing aids or wireless streaming in hearing aids? This question found its answer in growth of telecommunications industry!
Wireless Streaming in hearing aids was the best tools for individuals with hearing loss to cope with the challenges of hearing in different environments but there was a hitch; individuals were forced to keep different gadgets for multiple streaming requirements. Hearing aid manufacturers simplified this by getting in a single accessory for universal streaming but still not enough. The Idea of reducing accessories conceptualized into the advent of “made for Iphone Hearing aids”!

Phone is something that has become a necessity, and hence is carried by one & all with pleasure; so why not link the hearing aid to phone through the same old Bluetooth technology and run it via an application! The idea is simple but awesome when realized as it opened up a whole new dimension of hearing aid usage.

Starkey laboratories and GN Resound are working on this technology separately and one of the most pioneering products bought out by Starkey labs is “Halo hearing aid” making hearing aid technology an epitome of simplicity for the users. Let us see how made for iPhone Hearing aid technology can help you:

Halo Hearing Aid

Made for iPhone Hearing aids

1. Linkage: Halo hearing aid can be linked to iPhone and accessed through truelink app.

2. Phone Calls: all phone calls coming to your iPhone will be directly streamed in the “Halo Hearing aid”. You can also stream music and media i.e. Videos, chats via Facetime etc. directly in your “Halo hearing aid” getting all sound output at ear level and amplified as per hearing loss. There’s more to this, now you can save your phone calls as well as retrieve them later if you have missed a part of communication due to your hearing or discrimination loss.

3. Create Multiple Memories: You can now switch on your GPS and create up to 20 different memories wherein the “Halo hearing aid” shall switch to your saved memory or setting as soon as it detects you are in that particular situation without you having to adjust the volume or other settings, For example you are in your office, or driving or at home or in a coffee shop, you can create comfortable hearing settings for these locations and save them as memories which your made for iPhone hearing aid shall detect via the GPS of your phone and switch.

4. Soundspace: Your audiologist may have done a setting for you but you can always modify your sound space as per comfort through the same truelink app in your iPhone. This helps you achieve the best hearing experience in a given situation

5. Your iPhone as your Hearing aid Remote: adjusting the volume of sound from your hearing aid is at the ease of a swipe on your iPhone screen. Not just this you can always mute the microphone of your hearing aid through the truelink app while streaming of a media is going one and release it with the same comfort as you require to interact with others around. This provides you distortion free streaming of media.

6. Car Driving Mode: “Halo Hearing aids” can also be switched to Car driving more through the truelink app in your iPhone. This reduces the annoying traffic sound while you are driving giving you an enhanced audio experience.

7. Integration with Iphone “Siri” Technology: This is the best you can get out of your hearing aid as iPhone’s Siri technology shall read your emails, texts directly in your hearing aids.

8. iPhone acts as a microphone: keep your iPhone anywhere and use it as a microphone to stream conversation directly in your hearing instrument. On a lighter side-this may even apply to secret agents who have lost a part of their hearing abilities :-)!

On the whole, a beauty of a technology and definitely the next level of wireless hearing aid streaming. Let not your hearing impairment be a hindrance in enjoying the sounds of nature.

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