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The technology is at its best when we talk about Muse iQ hearing aids, it covers all major aspect what one always desire for in the hearing solution i.e. Tiny, Rechargeable, Fast Charging, Durability, User Friendliness and Remarkable Resonance. It comes in more than 12 different styles starting from 6 Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) models i.e. RIC-R, RIC- R [AP], RIC 312, RIC 312 [AP], MICRO RIC 312 & MICRO RIC 312 [AP] :: 3 Behind-The-Ear (BTE) models i.e. MINI BTE, BTE 13 & POWER PLUS BTE 13 :: Completely-In-Canal (CIC) model :: In-The-Canal (ITC) model and In-The-Ear (ITE) etc. to choose from as per one’s feature preferences and budget. Improved hearing facilitates one in communicating with the world around him or her in a much proficient manner. When someone suffers from hearing loss the first stage is to acceptance of the fact that you require suitable hearing solution, once you are through with this phase and decide to go for a hearing aid, this becomes your first step in achieving ‘hearing wellness’ without which one cannot improve overall health and achieve progressive lifestyle.

Muse iQ is one the most sophisticated technologies which delivers excellent sound quality with other up to date features, being fully customizable for your individual hearing requirements and in addition to this it helps you in being in touch with people and do some of the technologically amazing things. These hearing aids with its user friendly related devices bring the complete custom-based robust hearing solution, which not only delivers the best natural sound quality but is very much accurate while shift of listening environments throughout the day. The most important aspect which gives Muse iQ an extra edge over its competitors is option of rechargeable battery, which means one can have the benefit of nonstop and unwavering use of this hearing aid throughout the day. It has the modern functionality to deliver immaculate audio and outstanding clearness in sounds, helps to differentiate and focus upon the primary voice from the background noises, so that you can hear the entire conversation comfortably. Along with it you can do some additional tasks like streaming TV, phone calls, music and other media etc.

Here are some significant features of Muse iQ –

  • Inbuilt Acuity Immersion Directionality helps the person to hear clearly in difficult listening environments. It is intended to reinstate normal functioning of the hearing process in ear and assist in speech being heard in difficult listening situations.
  • Furthermore with rechargeable product like Muse iQ, it reduces the hassle of carrying and changing the disposable batteries. A pair of rechargeable ZPower batteries is almost equivalent to around 200 disposable batteries and once a year, you can easily get your ZPower batteries replaced from your hearing specialist or clinic.
  • Superior ‘feedback cancellation system’ resulting in accurate feedback-free listening in different situations as well as it adapts well to frequent transitions of environments. It carried the technology that offers reliable wireless performance while syncing with cell phones, TV, music and other media etc.
  • Muse iQ are long-lasting, steady hearing aids with the feature of Surface NanoShield, a futuristic water, wax and moisture repellent system, to shield and make sure robustness and soundness.

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