Presbycusis or old age hearing problem or age related hearing problem is the most common form of hearing loss affecting nearly 90% of the geriatric population. An audiologist examining this hearing loss often diagnosis this as a sensorineural hearing loss for it pertains to degeneration of the hair cells in the cochlear region as well as weakening of the nerve functions which take the signals to the brain.

Why does this occur?

As age progresses, due to decreased cell functions as well as reduced supply of building blocks to the cells, there occurs a natural cell death. Hair cells within the inner ear or the cochlea once degenerate do not re-grow in mammals hence causing a sensory deterioration. The process is fastened by any ailments, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

How it is diagnosed?

It can be very simply diagnosed through a Pure Tone Audiometry Test in which responses are measured by giving pure tones of different frequencies between 250Hz & 8KHz. The responses of patients are measured through Air Conduction means and Bone Conduction Means. If minimum responses through both air conduction and bone conduction are not more than 10dB apart, then the diagnosis of the Hearing Test is Sensorineural Hearing Loss. If there is no other pathology involved and there is no history of ear problems, then for individuals above 60 years of age with hearing loss are susceptible presbycusis.

How it is treated?

The early it is treated the better it is for the individual as hearing loss due to ageing can cause a gradual deterioration of speech discrimination ability. Treatment for this type of hearing loss is very simple; one can use a digital programmable hearing aid which can be tuned as per the specifications of the Audiogram.

These days there are a number of hearing aid brands and different types of Hearing aid devices even invisible hearing aids which can be worn with ease and comfort.

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