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The company Oticon has been pioneered in hearing aid making since long in fact it is one of the oldest companies in this field. The Oticon Chili Hearing Aids have replaced its predecessor Sumo with lot of new features and new technological advancements making it a one of the most popular hearing aid. It is having an edge upon other SP (Super Powered) BTE hearing aids due its slim and sleek design, moreover when its competitor uses 675 size batteries, it operates on size 13 battery making it smaller in size. It is a considerable advancement in super power hearing apparatus which combines pioneering latest system in hearing technology, connectivity and robustness. It has Maximum Peak Gain (Volume) of 78 – 82 dB making it highly suitable of individual with very specific hearing requirements from moderate hearing loss to acute hearing losses, the attached functionalities makes the person more connected to sound or speech he or she is hearing and understands them better in difficult listening environments almost like natural hearing process. OTICON CHILI BTE Hearing Aid has three major variants i.e. CHILI SP9 (Premium), CHILI SP7 (Advance) and CHILI SP5 (Standard) – entire range comes in seven colour options to choose from.

No doubt, the Oticon Chili Hearing Aid are more than just an amplification device, they are designed keeping in mind the real life problems and the affects of acute hearing loss on societal communications and personal lifestyle of the individual. This hearing aid has a list of features which makes the entire hearing experience a notch ahead of others when it comes to quality and user-friendliness, Speech Guard is just one of them which helps in receiving distortion free sounds and very effective while hearing someone speaking. It is enhances the audibility of human voice through speech recognition, which is very much useful scenarios where background sounds or environment disturbances are high especially outdoors. Above these hearing aids are well-enabled with wireless connectively facility which assists user to change perfectly between connecting entertainment and communication gadgets through Streamer remote control device.

Here are some significant features of Oticon Chili –

  • Both Chili SP9 and Chili SP7 have ‘Speech Guard’ feature, this offers well-tested improvements in speech recognition in very crowded places resulting in ease to connecting to other people or conversations. It drastically trims down efforts for comprehending speech or spoken words also one can effortlessly switch between talk partners or multiple speakers.
  • Chili SP9 features ‘Spatial Noise Management’ that is sort of attenuating the entire listening environment in way that it is easier for the user to grasp. The facility to accurately find out where sounds are coming from can be decisive in daily routine. It helps locating the direction from where the sound or speech is coming so one can react accordingly just like normal ear.
  • All variants of Chili SP9, SP7 and SP5 have Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2 (DFC2) which helps in reducing any sort of feedback or unwanted noise, delivering high quality sound. Apart from that they are ‘Shock Absorbent’ with only one of its kind shock-absorbing fixation of the key components averting any sort damage and special ‘Water Resistant Coating’ to safeguard the hearing aids from sweat and moisture.

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