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In the last decade the hearing aids have developed at a very high rate with incorporation of new technological features not only amplifying the sound but providing clarity, removing feedback and filtering out background sounds to get better understanding of speech and its direction. The Oticon Opn hearing aids are designed in way that they facilitate a hearing experience which is closest to natural and at the same time loaded with user-friendly features to provide you high-tech connectivity with all your electronic communication gadgets giving you an extra advantage in your daily routine. They are based on a new technology intended to go beyond and succeed conventional directionality and noise cancellation modules used in other hearing aids. Oticon Opn is a next-generation device, which has set a standard in the hearing-aids industry for providing enhanced differentiation between speech and the background noises, which used to make the entire listening environment difficult to understand. The in-built ‘OpenSound Navigator’ (OSN) works on a trademark algorithm for speech augmentation. Evaluation, Stability, and Noise Elimination are the main aspects upon which it works. OTICON Opn Hearing Aids has three major variants i.e. Opn 1 (Premium), Opn 2 (Advance) and Opn 3 (Standard) – entire range comes in three styles i.e. miniRITE, miniRITE-T & BTE13 PP with eight colour options to choose from. The miniRITE style hearing aids are also available with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

Oticon Opn Hearing Aids have ‘BrainHearing’ technology, resulting in improved hearing experience with minimal efforts and enhanced speech recognition. It is based upon the factual study that if hearing loss sustains for a longer period of time without any sort of treatment, it adversely impact upon the sound understanding power of the brain, it becomes harder to recognize and comprehend any receiving message. This can be a root cause of cerebral debility, nervousness, gloominess, and social seclusion. BrainHearing reinforce the brain functions, decreases hearing related hassles. There is one another state of the art feature which definitely requires mentioning when it comes to Oticon Opn i.e. ‘If This Then That Network’ (IFTTT) feature which is easily available through Smartphone app named Oticon ON which can help you to control most of the smart gizmos and gadgets around your house. It gives you a whole lot of options to play around beyond just being a hearing aid.

Here are some significant features of Oticon Opn –

  • All models in Oticon Opn are IFTTT enabled through Smartphone app, through which one can easily remain connected to other smart electronic devices in home be it lighting, security system, thermostat, smart cooking appliances or music player etc. Moreover ‘If This Then That’ network facilitates to control and change the settings of hearing aids wirelessly on various parameters.
  • OpenSound Navigator feature is available the best level one in Opn 1, level two in Opn2 and level three in Opn 3 accordingly, which assists the pair of hearing aids to analyze the entire listening environment, minimize the background sounds and enhancing speech at the same time retaining an overall awareness of surrounding.
  • SpatialSound LX facilitates ears to analyze sound jointly in real-time so they can send correct information to the brain. Opn 1 is equipped with high-quality four estimators and Opn 2 & 3 with two estimators.

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