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In the year 1947 Phonak Company started in the field of hearing aids. It has been more than 7 decades that they have been pioneering in the hearing technology by providing a wide range of hearing devices and other related accessories. Phonak Naida Hearing Aid, first introduces in 2007 now has a very wide range and styles comprising of various hearing aids models and numerous colour options to choose from as per the individual requirements. These hearing aids are most versatile in nature can facilitate from acute hearing loss cases to moderate, but the Nadia V range is said to be the best in the industry for individual suffering from severe hearing impairment. The latest models of the Naida series have put together upon the experience gained through all these years with the original device and added many innovative technologies and user-friendly features to make a state of the art device. Phonak Naida Hearing Aid has three major variants i.e. Naida IX (Premium), Naida V (Advance) and Naida III (Standard) – entire range comes in more than nineteen colour options to choose from.

Here are some significant features of Phonak Naida –

  • Naida hearing aids are enabled with DuoPhone feature which is very useful while talking on phone. It facilitates the user to hear the telephonic conversation from both ears. The hearing aids automatically stream the speech from the ear on which you are holding the telephone to another wirelessly and in real-time itself. It gives the user the comforting experience and ability to understand the conversation better by using both ears.
  • For difficult listening environment this feature of Zoomcontrol with Direct touch is very useful, as it assist in targeting the hearing focus to one direction or person. This zoom aspect can be activated with help of myPilot. It is very useful while driving a car, at the same time when you want to listen to other person sitting in the backseat but you are unable to face him or her directly, so you can zoom focus your hearing aids towards that direction to hear every word clearly.
  • EchoBlock is intended to get rid of the disconcerting tones of sound resonance, leaving it clear and undistorted. In tricky listening environments such as huge halls or rooms, with almost no or little soft interiors to cancel the echo effect (sound bouncing) leads to difficulties in speech understanding with feature like Echoblock Phonak Naida hearing aids are best in such scenarios.
  • Soundrelax feature helps in comforting the user in toning down specific sounds with spiky surge and sudden amplification which can be very stressful without this very effective feature. Real Ear Sound is another feature which helps the user in focusing on the direction from where the sound is coming just like natural hearing process. Hearing aid user can pinpoint the exact spot of sounds in his or her surroundings.
  • QuickSync feature synchronize the two hearing aids so that you do not have adjust each hearing aid separately. As soon as the volume setting or hearing profile is attuned on one hearing aid, it is by design adjusted on the other automatically.

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