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It is best suitable for the person, who is having an extreme or intense loss of hearing in the initial stage itself, otherwise for the individual who really want a hearing aid to be a ‘quality experience’ rather than just a product. Resound ENZO BTE Hearing Aid is based upon most modern state of the art smart hearing technology which gives it an extra edge over the competition when it comes to the level of satisfaction for its users. It is packed with all the required features essential for a new age hearing aid in terms of design, sound technology, and connectivity etc. but in addition to this it has individual fitting flexibility with seven fitting adjustments and three compression approaches, one can easily get the best sound resonance output suiting to own preferences, despite of fact that whatever brand or quality of hearing aid device one has used in the past. Resound ENZO BTE Hearing Aid have three major variants i.e. ENZO 3D 9 (Premium), ENZO 3D 7 (Advance) and ENZO 3D 5 (Standard)

It is not only loaded with smart features making it one of the best hearing solutions but has the clear and most vivacious noise resonance output with smart technological features like direct stereo sound streaming from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without any intermediary apparatus. The Resound ENZO BTE Hearing Aid can be customized on various parameter settings through user-friendly ReSound Smart app for suiting to individual hearing preferences. Design wise they are tiny, very much robust hearing aid with thin and comfortable design. It has tiniest BTE with a 675-battery, moreover thoroughly secured against wetness and humidity, setting a standard in the technological excellence especially nanotechnology.

Here are some significant features of Resound ENZO BTE –

  • It is loaded with technology features like ‘NoiseTracker II’ which trims down the unnecessary environment sounds to decrease listening effort and ‘Windguard’ to dampen down the wind sound to overall improvise the hearing of individual speech in a noisy surroundings. Though these features are present in all models but ENZO 3D 9 has an upper edge in comparison to other two models in terms of high quality output.
  • ENZO 3D 7 has ‘Binaural Directionality’ in which two hearing aids combined together has directional focus ability, so that one can hear in from whichever direction in a noisy surroundings and switch the same on someone else as per preference. Whereas ENZO 3D 9 has advanced upgrade i.e. ‘Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense’, a 3D Spatial (Environment Awareness) enabling better focusing on every sound.
  • Resound ENZO 3D 9 hearing aids has certain state of the art features like ‘Adjustable Directional Mix’ which helps personalizing the settings to get enhanced spatial (3D) responsiveness of your listening environment. ‘Environmental Optimiser II’ where the important parameters like volume and sound reduction levels fine-tune across 7 different listening environment profiles to choose for quality hearing.
  • Across all hearing aids models have some common useful features like ‘DFS Ultra II with Music Mode’ which reduces the whistling upholding the sound quality while listening to favourite music. ‘Tinnitus Sound Generator with Nature Sounds’ which helps one selecting a suitable masking sound from list to reduce tinnitus effect.

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