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They are enabled with state of the art technologies. ‘Smart Hearing’ is a cutting edge technological advancement which allows the hearing aids to be much smarter and fully responsive in most challenging situations. Resound LiNX 3D Hearing Aid react to the sound the way you wanted it to be, acclimatize automatically as per your requirements, user feels a major relief by adopting to this new age hearing solution after using conventional hearing aids for years. Imagine getting pristine sound quality and highly-focused directional noise reception while sitting in a crowded restaurant or walking down the sea side lane with your partner or talking on a phone on a busy street. Its list of features helps you to remain connected to your loved ones and do some amazing things like changing the hearing profiles setting or other parameters to get an excellent hearing experience or streaming your favourite music just like any other wireless stereo headphones etc. These hearing aids are robust, highly comfortable and discreetly invisible, making it one of the preferred brands. Resound Linx 3D Hearing Aid have three major variants i.e. LiNX 3D 9 (Premium), LiNX 3D 7 (Advance) and LiNX 3D 5 (Standard).

Its wide-ranging technological system impeccably connect hearing aids, all wireless devices, and Smartphone app together to generate one of the best experience for the user. These hearing aids are equipped with most modern technology which offers remote fine-tuning through a secure hybrid cloud platform. That means once you get the Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids fitted in your ears by the hearing solution experts at their clinic, you may request assistance in changing or upgrading the settings from anywhere. Moreover they are equipped with a very useful feature for the relief of people suffering from Tinnitus, through a series of inbuilt masking sounds including quite a few comforting ocean-based nature noises.

Here are some significant features of Resound LiNX 3D –

  • The entire range of LiNX 3D 9, LiNX 3D 7 and LiNX 3D 5 comes in ‘Rechargeable Versions’ which is loaded with rechargeable batteries saving the hassle of frequent battery change etc. All are made for iPhone (MFI) hearing aids so that streaming audios from your iPhone, iPad and iPods aren’t difficult at all, even they work perfectly fine with selected Android models as well.
  • They all carry state of the art technology ‘Resound assist’, which is a remote fine-tuning system that helps the hearing care professional to change the settings of the hearing aids as per the feedback of the user from the clinic itself. It doesn’t require a physical visit or clinic appointment, the user gets all the upgraded settings through cloud platform anywhere at their own comfort, a sheer time saving feature for both hearing care professionals and users, and generating prospects for a superior user experience.
  • The most favorable number of WARP channels for ReSound Linx 3D hearing aids is 17 (LiNX 3D 9) which are intended to imitate how the normal ear processes various noise resonances. More channels denote much sharper resolution of sounds closer to natural.
  • All models are well equipped with list of features like NoiseTracker II & Windguard for clearer noise and Binaural Directionality III with Spatial Sense (LiNX 3D 9) for better understanding of listening environment.

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