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It is a hearing aid which is not only highly effective but also technologically advanced, making it a preferred BTE for the individual suffering from acute or deep hearing loss where powerful quality output is very much required. It enhances hearing in various listening environments which trim downs the related hassle. ReSound Magna hearing aids are made extensively robust keeping in mind the demand for a high performance device which can easily work in multiple listening environment without any problem. It is made for extreme situation where conventional or low power hearing aids fail to deliver, design wise it is sleek and modern nanotechnology based for power packed output ranging from 86 dB to 144 dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level) which is MPO (Maximum Power Output) without any sort of deformation of the enhanced sound resonance. Moreover it has been integrated with one of the best Digital Feedback Suppression i.e. DFS Ultra with built-in Whistle Control continuously working for making the clearer output in most demanding scenario. Resound Magna BTE Hearing Aid has two major variants i.e. ReSound Magna 4 (Advance) and ReSound Magna 2 (Standard) – entire range comes in five colour options to choose from.

It is equipped with Surround Sound feature which gives a unique layered texture to sounds while enhancing it making it as closest to the natural form or texture of various sounds. As a result the user gets complete, clearer and comprehensive sound augmentation with finest sound quality. The Adaptive Directionality feature incorporated with Wind Noise Management gives pristine sound in most difficult listening environments like outdoors or large social gatherings etc. Another aspect ‘Sound Shaper’ is a very useful utility which gives this hearing aid an extra edge especially for the people who suffered acute or severe hearing loss have this difficulty of understanding high frequency speech. So this function remaps the high frequency noises to low/subtle frequencies through its in-built compression algorithm resulting in enhanced hearing experience with better sound resonance.

Here are some significant features of Resound Magna –

  • Magna 4 is equipped with all latest technologies for quality sound output ranging from Surround Sound, 9 WARP compression bands for frequency warping to attain frequency representation comparable to the human ear. DFS Ultra™ with built-in Whistle Control, Sound Shaper & Expansion to give pristine sound quality minimizing feedback in difficult listening environments. Magna 2 hearing aids are bit economical by using the technologies of Dual Stabilizer II & Sound Shaper.
  • Resound Magna 4 and Magna 2 very much user friendly for individuals suffering from hearing loss, making them an obvious choice with features like Telecoil, Direct Audio Input, Datalogging and especially to mention the PhoneNow feature, which by design switches the hearing device to a phone program, saving the hassle of manual setting change while attending a phone call.
  • Magna 4 accede on Noise Tracker II, Fixed Directionality, Adaptive Directionality Integrated Wind Noise Management which examines the sound to the microphones and transforms directional characteristics accordingly to give best sound resonance, whereas Wind Noise Management gently minimize the wind sound picked up by the microphones. And SoftSwitching features helps in performing all this action automatically whenever user switches between the hearing environments.

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