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A lot of individual suffer from partial or full hearing loss, the reasons could be any either accidental or otherwise. Moreover nearly everyone knows somebody in his or her family or social circle that does suffers from any kind of hearing issue. Modern age technology has played a greater role in decreasing the hassles associated with this problem in form of hearing aids. There are a lot of different aspects that come into play while deciding to choose the appropriate hearing aids and among them cost is a major factors. The search for the right device starts from determining the kind, in layman language this criterion includes choosing between larger (BTE) or smaller models (ITC /CIC), digital or old-style analog hearing aids and high-tech or low-priced solution etc. It is a general perception that one cannot get the technologically advance top-of-the-line equipment at an affordable price, here ReSound Vea hearing aids sets a new standard in essential hearing care for catering such cost-sensitive demand. It incorporates advanced technologies to give comforting experience to users at a cost they can afford. It comes in three major variant i.e. Vea 1, Vea 2 and Vea 3 – entire range comes in both BTE and custom styles.

In short ReSound Vea is a hearing aid that combines improved hearing with simplicity, robustness and overall it’s an apparatus which is worth every single penny you spent for it. ‘iSolate Nanotech Coating’ safeguard the hearing aids in entirety, from any sort of dampness which can harm the delicate part of your device leading to frequent repairs and related cost. Moreover the feature like ‘In-Situ Audiometry’ permits for off-site fittings devoid of an audiometer, which means can be easily substituted when audiometer is not accessible or can be used with an ease at the user’s residence itself.

Here are some significant features of Resound Vea –

  • Vea 3 is equipped with Seven WARP compression bands, which makes it most ideal for individual who regularly visit large social gatherings, big halls etc. Similarly Vea 2 has Six and Vea 1 has Four WARP compression bands which are ideal for home activities accordingly.
  • Both Vea 3 and Vea 2 hearing aids have ‘Dual Stabilizer II DFS with Whistle Control’ which helps in getting a continuous feedback free noise resonance. WhistleControl include an urgent situation stop control to get rid of whistling. Whereas Vea 1 has a ‘Stabilizer II DFS with Whistle Control’ which also performs broadly on the same lines, but is available as a lesser cost variant.
  • Resound Vea 3 hearing aid has ‘Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Manager and Softswitching’, it is a technology which helps in comprehending speech from the environment sounds to provide enhanced hearing through increasing the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) from directional microphones and ‘SoftSwitching’ is referred to where there is no need to change the program setting manually according to switch in listening environment, it do so automatically.
  • Vea 3 and Vea 2 have this ‘PhoneNow’ feature, which makes them automatically adaptive to telephone talk without switching any setting. User can now use telephone in a normal manner.

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