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Conventional hearing aids have various direct or indirect hassles attached to it. Though they may amplify the noises around you, so that you may hear most of them but wearing them continuously at crowded places or family get-together or parties can affect your self confidence levels. Signia Insio Hearing Aids solves this issue with a greater advantageous features attached to it which makes them virtually too small to see, almost invisible hearing aid style which can be easily adjusted on various parameters through a Smartphone app. These are the custom-made hearing aids that are individually made as per requirements. Being small in size that too almost invisible does not mean there is any compromise of the power and performance aspect. These are one of the most powerful and best performing hearing devices even in the difficult listening environments. One can play around with various setting profiles to get the maximum high-quality output with utmost comfort. When it comes to hearing loss it becomes really embarrassing when one is not able to clearly hear what others are saying, too some extend it affects his or her daily routine, socializing skills and lead to high stress levels and depression also. Signia Insio Hearing Aids makes hearing experience almost natural with excellent sound resonance. They are available in two broad ranges i.e. Signia Insio Primax (IIC, ITC, ITE and CIC) and Insio Nx (IIC and CIC).

Insio IIC (Invisible-in- the-Canal) hearing aid is virtually invisible has wireless connectivity, target focusing upon the speech or other person speaking minimizing backdrop disturbances, uncomplicated volume setting adjustments and ventilation feature to facilitate comfort. Insio ITC (In-The-Canal) can be adjusted remotely via Touchcontrol app and miniPocket, enhanced speech recognition, easy user-friendly volume control for hassle free listening with wax guard for durability quotient and has wireless connectivity allowing audio streaming through easyTek and easyTek app. Insio ITE (In-the-Ear) hearing aid has different wax options, dual microphones for enhanced directional sensing with wind noise reduction feature leading to much clarity in sound even in crowded places or outdoors, enabled with wireless CROS solution for person having regular hearing in one ear and severe hearing loss in the other and BiCROS Solution for people having non aid-able hearing loss in one ear and aid-able hearing loss in the other. Insio CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aid has been enabled with OneMic directionality improving directional reception of sounds, has exchangeable battery compartment with an option among push button and with no push button, removal chord to easily remove the hearing aids, exchangeable windscreen for safeguarding microphone from dust and tinnitus relief with five static noise types and four ocean waves masking sounds.

Here are some significant features of Signia Insio –

  • It is enabled with Ultra HD e2e for better-quality wireless binaural procedure, even the smallest CIC (completely in Canal) hearing aids which has one microphone. It delivers pristine sound resonance with enhanced speech recognition even in difficult listening environment.
  • These hearing aids especially Nx range has much smaller components having a benefit of fitting in the tighter ear canal. They are fully compatible with all latest connectivity apps like Touchcontrol app, miniPocket and easyTek app to give the user an overall positive experience.

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