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It comes in various models with a primary aim to give desired comfort while hearing that too well controlled thru a variety of add-on features maintaining enhanced connectivity. Signia Motion Hearing Aids are intended to cater the needs of individual suffering from acute to moderate hearing impairment but want a high quality device, which can fulfill their need of good sound resonance with background noise reduction in difficult listening scenarios and variety of other useful features to easy their overall life. It is a high-tech behind the ear (BTE) hearing device with a list of user-friendly features for natural listening. It is one of the advanced feature that transition of listening environments automatically updates the hearing aids setting accordingly so that to give maximum comfort to the user and save the hassle of manually change the settings to minimize the background sounds. This feature makes them an ultimate choice for people spending their days in difficult listening scenarios like large social gatherings, restaurants, beaches, outdoors and other crowded places etc. Another feature Speechmaster gives the facility to track the speech and minimize other background noises, so that the user gets crystal clear listening experience through this state of the art filtering system. It works on binax and micon technological tools to give comforting listening experience. Signia Motion Hearing Aids has three major variants i.e. Motion S, Motion SX, Motion SA, Motion P and the latest ones being Motion 13 NX and 13P NX – entire range comes in more than sixteen colour options to choose from. The Motion SX hearing aids are also available with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

These hearing aids are technically aided, moreover smart enough to have thorough control over the other smart electronic devices, especially through the touchControl app, which transforms Android or iOS based Smartphone into remote control to adjust the settings on the hearing aid. Also one can easily stream audio and other media files from computer, TV and radio directly through easyTek feature. Signia’s Motion hearing aids has a long range of models and colour to choose from, to cater individual needs of the individual, no matter what severity of hearing loss you are suffering or what daily routine you follow like outdoors, attending conferences, music lover, watching TV etc. The assorted range of hearing aids with lot of features and available upgrades will definitely help you in choosing the right one for you. The Nx is a premium range where quality is more important than the price tag, but for normal requirements there are other models which have lot to offer and are competitively priced.

Here are some significant features of Signia Motion –

  • The entire range of Signia Motion hearing aids is IP67-rated which signifies its sturdiness i.e. safeguard from dampness, sweat, dust and dirt etc. Additionally one can choose earhook or ThinTube accordingly to provide most comfort while wearing them.
  • Most of the models are capable of providing relief from tinnitus, in view of the fact that the majority of individual suffering from tinnitus also have a hearing loss, it’s is an idyllic remedy for those who experience irritating ‘ringing in the ears.’
  • Signia Motion is CROS/BICROS hearing solution for individual with one-sided deafness, giving the wearer a more absolute and balanced hearing experience.

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