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Last year itself, in 2017 Signia launched its state of the art newest technology hearing aids i.e. 3 receiver-in-the-ear sizes (Pure 10 Nx, Pure 312 Nx, and Pure 13 Nx) and a rechargeable option (Pure Charge&Go). It is an advance version of existing Primax range, the Pure Nx range of hearing aids has full compatibility with Apple devices allowing direct streaming option for music and calls. These have excellent hold over the sound resonance which is pristine clear and very much closer to natural sound tone making it one of the favorite options of individual suffering any type of hearing loss i.e. profound or mild in nature. One of the prime features of Signia Pure hearing aids is OVP i.e. Own Voice Processing which works very much with the individual’s own voce who is using these hearing aids, it senses the user’s own voice to give most exceptional and comfortable hearing experience in difficult listening environment. In conventional hearing aids, all sounds in the surroundings are amplified, there is no such technology that can differentiate between user’s own voice and other people voices which lead to confusion or mixing of sound impressions making the hearing experience difficult in scenario where so many people are talking simultaneously or in a crowded place. But with the Nx technology advancement OVP, Signia Pure has successfully overcome this hassle by toning down the user’s own voice pitch so that he or she can understand what other are saying much clearly.

Another such highly useful feature that Signia Pure hearing aids are enables with is Telecare 3.0 which works on a cloud platform facilitating the user to share its hearing aids setting and other performance parameter to the hearing clinic professional online even through the Smartphone app. This helps the hearing clinic professional to tune the setting or change it from there itself, without meeting in-person saving a lot of time and hassle for both user and the specialist. No matter even if both are placed in different cities or even in remote areas where it is really difficult to reach the hearing clinic.

Here are some significant features of Signia Pure –

  • All models Signia Pure have telecoil feature that makes them immensely user-friendly while talking on the phone, through which one can attend the phone call voice without any sort of whistling or squealing. Even through its advanced noise suppression technology it helps to differentiate between the speech and other background voice, so that one can easily understand the talks without any background sound disturbances.
  • The ‘Own Voice Processing’ helps in decreasing the volume of user’s own voice in the hearing aids while talking so that he or she can understand better about the other speech or sounds. It is really very helpful in very noisy situations such as a restaurant or a seminar etc. Also 3D Classifier offers highly developed settings control for hearing aids in all situations especially when moving or driving etc.
  • Signia Pure hearing aids are MFi hearing devices which means they all are designed to cater all your connectivity issues. They can be easily connected with all your smart devices especially telephone, music system, TV and Smart App to give all around very accommodating experience.

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