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It is a premium ‘invisible-in-canal’ (IIC) hearing aid, sharing Synergy platform and Acuity OS2 operating system. It is one of the highly developed technologies which are available in the form of this invisible hearing aid. SoundLens Synergy iQ isn’t just the smallest but it is a feature based hearing aid comprising of smart connectivity to your phone with hands-free syncing of music, calls etc. These small hearing aids carry some latest state of the art features like Acuity Immersion, a special process for listening contemplation and immaculate sound resonance. Moreover it is compatible with Surflink Wireless accessories for remote control and streaming TV, audio and much more. It is carries an extra advantage for music lovers, they can now experience every beat of music in a completely pioneering way i.e. much more refined with excellent sound resonance. This aspect has given the hearing aids altogether a new dimension apart from just being medical equipment.

Hearing apparatus were some time ago unappealing and embarrassing to the user. They were bulky, uncomfortable and unpredictably emit high screech tone. Hearing aids of preliminary design were accompanied with most of these off-putting implications. It is for that reason and so called preconceived notions, that a lot of individuals usually deny the odds that they may be experiencing hearing loss for as long as possible. There was a general perception or sense of insecurity that how others will react to the person wearing hearing aids, they may either make fun of it or consider the individual old or disabled. The invention of ‘invisible hearing aids’ has been a fortunate thing in such people’s lives making the apparatus tiny, sleek and discrete with high-end technological features, has completely changed the scenario.

Here are some significant features of SoundLens Synergy iQ –

  • It is a custom fit, invisible hearing aid which is smallest but most comfortable while using in your daily routine. Importantly it is available in variety of skin-tone colours. It is installed within the ear canal and can be customized through various technological features to give quality output throughout.
  • It effortlessly become accustomed to new noises or sound resonances, swift changeover by fine-tuning various settings parameters results in gradual adaptation of unique tones by mind. Sound precision with utmost clarity is what these hearing aids ensure. A contented, custom-made listening experience without any sort of distortion. It especially focuses upon soothing of loud noises while making sure the crucial clearness for soft noises.
  • SoundLens Synergy iQ hearing aids are enabled with Improved wireless streaming. It is equipped with technology supporting reliable wireless performance even as streaming TV, music and other media with SurfLink® Mobile 2, SurfLink Mini Mobile and other SurfLink accessories.
  • The inbuilt feedback canceller feature ensures that there is no discomforting buzzing or whistling sound, which is definitely a highlight for new generation hearing aids like SoundLens Synergy iQ.
  • They are designed in a way that they provide relief to individuals suffering from tinnitus, through its AMT technology which is integrated into them works well in ‘ringing in the ear’ problem.

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