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They are one of the newest technologies based hearing aids available in the industry, in the category of invisible hearing solution. SoundLens Synergy Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids, being the world’s tiniest, easy to use and immensely comfortable to wear on all your day today activities including outdoors, most modern up- to-date features like hands free connectivity and media streaming from Smartphone to hearing aids gives you an extra edge while hearing individual one-to-one conversation, in crowd or public interaction or listening to favourite genre of music. Apart from this SoundLens Synergy are not only tiny, distinct and robust but they are loaded with some of the other user-friendly features which makes them an obvious choice, when it comes to suitable solution for hearing loss. Moreover they can be synced using supporting wireless devices to give you the ability to stream TV, music and much more.

Hearing is the integral part body’s function any sort of hearing impairment can definitely affect our overall routine and it already proven that that hearing fitness is directly associated to overall health and welfare. It is the primary function through which one interacts and engages in the society or with other human being, so without normal hearing it really becomes difficult to live an improved and healthier living. SoundLens Synergy with its highly developed technology, ultimate sound resonance, quality features, improved listening experience and a customized fitting exclusively for individual hearing needs continuously helping people to hear healthy and live healthier. It is very much undetected from a small distance itself, it is placed inside the second bend of ear canal so almost nothing is visible from outside. It obtains a direct wireless link between your Smartphone and any other Bluetooth gadget with your hearing aids making the tasks of streaming TV and music much more feasible. From the time when wearing hearing aids was considered to be an awkward apparatus which is full of hassles with uncomfortable pain, to this new age technologically advance hearing aids which not only removes the inhibition of wearing a large bulky hearing aids from the mind of the user, to invisible fit hearing solution which assist the user to remain connected to the world.

Here are some significant features of SoundLens Synergy –

  • These state of the art hearing aids are invisible and custom fit. They are installed deep inside the ear canal and are personally customized on various parameters for all-day comfort. Moreover SoundLens Synergy is available in a variety of skin-tone colours.
  • It is having the feature of familiarizing to new sound resonances, allowing the brain to become accustomed to new tones and noises. This facilitates accurate speech audibility and speech detection in difficult listening environments, even in a crowded public place.
  • Soundlens Synergy’s exceptionally good ‘Feedback Cancellation System’ providing feedback-free sound i.e. wind, noise, whistling and feedback management for most favorable speech accuracy.
  • It is enabled with modern technology that provides reliable wireless functionality and connectivity while streaming TV, music and other media.
  • Provides maximum relief in tinnitus condition as well. It can be customized as per individual requirements according to the intensity of tinnitus.

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