Industrial Ear Protection Plugs

It is a mandate that employers should provide ear protection for all workers & employees who are working in a noisy industrial environment!

Most of the industries utilize foam plugs which provide least attenuation and are extremely uncomfortable to wear for prolonged duration. In case of heavy machine noise, there are big bulky ear muffs which are good attenuators but due to their larger size again provide hindrance in mobility and prolonged usage. For this, customized industrial ear plugs are the best sort options.

    Following are the attributes for the same:
  • Fully customized to the individuals ears
  • Soft biopore non-reactive silicon material
  • Noise Attenuations to the level of 30dB
  • Extremely light weight and fits in the ear cavity, hence mobility is not affected
  • Life of the plug is around 1 to 1.5 years hence very cost effective than the use and throw plugs
  • Different filters for different environments
  • Many industries use the foam plugs which or the big ear muffs both of which are neither cost affective in totality nor good for workers involved in a lot of moving around or physical work. Our customized Industrial ear plugs which have different filter assembly can suit all requirements within an industry.