Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids

Designing hearing aids to be cosmetically suitable has been an accomplished feat with the entrance of Invisible in the canal hearing aids. So what is an IIC (Invisible in the canal) Hearing Aid?
Invisible Hearing Aids are a version of custom hearing aids which go deeper in the ear canal than any other hearing aid and occupy the second bend or second part of the ear canal near to the tympanic membrane. Their shell is made black in colour and due to deep insertion these are completely invisible from outside.

Pre-requisites for fitting of invisible in the canal hearing aids (IIC)
Incidentally not everyone can be fitted with an IIC. The anatomical structure of the ear canal of an individual plays a major role in determining the visibility of the hearing aid. As a rule, if an individual has an 8mm length and 8mm as a diameter of his/her ear canal, we are able to fit with an IIC. However there are cases where the ear canal is narrower or length is short or the bend in the ear canal is steep thereby preventing proper insertion, or proper hold of the hearing aid inside the ear. In these cases IIC is not possible for the individual.

So how do you know whether IIC can be fitted to you?
It’s simple, you just have to visit our center and get your ear canal examined. After examination we shall take measurement of your ear canal and with our measuring tools we can inform you on spot on the invisibility of your hearing aid.

Present day IIC (Invisible in the canal) hearing aids offer a lot of scope for fitting any kind of hearing loss with effective fitting range up to 105dB. Moreover these hearing aids offer all technical features which one can find in a CIC hearing aid (completely in canal) even though the size is relatively smaller.

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