Ear Plugs for Military

Weapon fire of any kind can result in long term hearing damage as heavy impulse noise is generated during the process. Human tolerance for impulse sound is below 120dB whereas in case of gun fire, rocket launcher fire, tank, mortar fire etc, the sound levels immediately go beyond 140-150dBs.

Although one may not be at war but during several military operations, practice & training drills, there is a lot of danger to the hearing. Even a simple shooting exercise can lead to a temporary threshold shift within a few hours.

To prevent hearing damage due to this extreme noise of weapons fire, we have a digital solutions. We call this solution “SoundGear”.
    Following are the attributes of the product:
  • Easy fit product with standard sized silicon sleeves for different ear canal sizes
  • Easy to use during any operation with a plug & play assembly
  • High Definition Sound Reproduction
  • Sound activated compression system which disallows all sounds to cross the maximum set barrier
  • No attenuation for speech sounds or basic sounds important during any operation or training exercise.
  • Battery Operated with 100 hours of battery life. Battery is easily replaceable.
  • Extremely light weight for prolonged usage

One can simply plug this digital system in his ears and stand carry out any weapons practice or explosions with no least damage to he hearing.