At India Speech & Hearing Center our prime task is to deal with audiology rehabilitation services for the hearing impaired individuals. We also provide speech therapy services for all kinds of speech disorders to all age groups from children to adults. Our Audiology rehabilitation services comprise of:

Hearing Tests: where we perform hearing screening and diagnostic tests for individuals through Pure Tone Audiometry and Impedance Audiometry or Tympanometry, Speech audiometry etc services

Hearing aid Trials: Where as per the hearing loss of the individual we provide live demonstration or trials of suitable hearing aid devices to t he individual. During Hearing aid Trials, we also make the individual experience hearing in different environments through switching on noises through a speaker pertaining to different day to day situations.

Counselling on Hearing Loss: We provide counselling to hearing impaired individuals wherein we provide knowledge about their hearing loss, list out underlying causes, and detail out suitable treatments that apply to them. If Hearing aids are necessary, we explain hearing aid technology, different hearing aid companies and their approach towards providing comfortable sound etc so that the individual is in a good position to take a good decision for himself. Hearing aid Fittings: We provide almost all top brands of hearing aid and all types of hearing aids like BTE hearing aids, CIC Hearing Aids as well as IIC hearing aids etc. Hearing aids are chosen as per the requirement and budget of the individual.

Post Sales Service: We provide audiology services such as hearing aid programming to individuals who have purchased hearing aids from us free of cost during their warranty period. We also undertake repair of the hearing instrument if it runs into trouble.

Hearing aid Accessory Sale: We provide all accessories of hearing aids such as hearing aid batteries of all sizes, Wax guard, Dry Kits, Boxes, Pouches, Brush Tools etc which are required by the individual for the maintenance of his hearing aids device.

Speech Evaluation: if one is suffering from speech disorders we provide speech evaluation services so as to assess the nature, degree and type of speech disorder/problem. This is awareness for the individual about the speech issue as well as the treatment sessions required. In case of children, the same counselling is also done for the parents to make them aware of the procedure the follow for their child.

Speech Therapy: We undertake speech therapy for individuals of all age groups and all problems. Speech therapy is done as per availability and generally done on a one to one basis. At the prescribed period, re-assessment is done to monitor the development of speech in the individual.
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