Plugs for Sleeping

Is surrounding noise disturbing your sleep? Do your partner’s snores affect your sleep? You should use “Customized Sleeping Plugs” for a better sleep!

    Following are the attributes of our sleeping plugs:
  • Customized to fit your ears
  • Soft Biopore material for comfortable fitting
  • Extremely light weight
  • Attenuates sounds to a level of 25-30dB
  • Can be worn throughout the night
  • It’s a multi-purpose plug and can be worn during the day as well for protection from noise.

Our sleep time is the most important time of our day as it helps us to regenerate all the lost cells & tissues which whither off during the days work. Disturbed sleep due to surrounding noise can affect your performance negatively.
Noise can play a real spoil sport whether in case of NIHL i.e. noise induced hearing loss or as a nuisance while sleeping. Sleeping plugs can help you get a sound sleep all night long and wake up fresh in the morning.