Speech Audiometry

Speech Audiometry coupled with PTA testing provides a more credible result to determining the patients’ hearing and communication status as it helps to ascertain the patients’ ability to understand speech.

Using Speech Audiometry, we determine the threshold of speech which is the lowest level at which speech is audible or intelligible. The lowest level at which the speech signal can be heard 50 percent of the time is the speech /detection threshold (SDT) or Speech Awareness Threshold (SAT).

Another undermining factor is the SRT or the speech recognition threshold which is the lowest level at which a speech signal is intelligible enough to be recognized 50 percent of the time. The SRT is usually obtained by asking the patient to repeat the spondee words (Bi syllabic words with equal emphasis on both the syllables).

Speech Audiometry as a protocol consists of testing a patient’s speech perception threshold, i.e. softest level a patient can recognize two syllable words correctly and speech recognition scores where the percentage of words correctly identified from the presented single syllable words. With the help of this test an Audiologist can ascertain the patients’ ability to hear as well as the ability to understand and provide effective diagnosis.