Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is an alternative treatment or medicine less treatment for individuals (adults as well as children) with various kinds of speech disorders including acquired disorders as well as developmental disorders. Speech Therapy is like a training exercise implying different techniques performed and orchestrated by a trained speech therapist or speech language pathologist depending on the disorder of the individual. The speech therapy treatment comes under the rehabilitative treatment procedure.

Process of speech therapy
In order to initiate speech therapy for an individual it is important for the speech therapist to assess the problem, take history and observe the severity as per a standardized procedure. Once the Speech Pathologist is aware of the exact degree and kind of problem, he/she can constitute a speech therapy program for the individual with a speech disorder.

Speech disorders or delayed speech development in children can also be associated to their hearing ability. Hence if a child shows symptoms of a speech problem, guardians must get a hearing test done for surety. For hearing impaired children, speech therapy is very effective with the help of hearing aid usage.

How to Start

If you are in Pune and want to start speech Therapy for yourself or any of your near & dear ones, you can set up an appoint with our speech Therapist for a complete speech assessment session by calling 8237037087 or 02065236677.
We are currently running speech therapy for Kids as well as Adults from 10am to 2pm all days except Sunday at our JM Road Office