Ear Plugs for Swimming

Swimmers ear or otitis externa is a very common ear infection amongst swimmers. This happens when one is swimming in unhygienic waters. As the water enters the ears, due to bacterial infection, it develops pain and ugly scars.
Swimming Ear Plugs are hydrophobic & oleophobic material which prevents water from seeping inside the ear canal and causing infection.

    Following are some of the attributes of the sleeping plugs
  • Hydrophobic water proof body
  • Oleophobic or oil proof body
  • Fully customized to occlude the ear canal and concha region
  • Floatable
  • Can be used for prolonged duration due to softness and full customization

Another area where Swimming Plugs can be used is for patients with history of ear infections , post-operative cases as well as patients with ear drum perforations. ENT surgeons as well as audiologists should suggest customized swimming ear plugs for these as water must not enter the canal during bath. In general these cases have to avoid head bath for some time which can be annoying. With the use of swimming ear plugs one can overcome this problem.