Wireless Hearing Aid Technology

Wireless Hearing Aid Technology is the latest addition to Hearing Aids and has proved quite useful for individuals of any age group with hearing loss.

Hearing requirements of a hearing impaired individual are a lot different than that of a normal individual. It was a challenge how to match these requirements with different audio inputs present in our day to day life. These inputs included audio from a television, mobile phone, music player etc. the challenge also extended to situations like a group conversation where speech inputs are coming in randomly from all directions. Even the best of the hearing aid technology available was wasn’t just up to the mark until the wireless technology came in.

With Wireless Hearing Aid technology there is an option to connect ones hearing aids to any kind of audio output and one can receive all sounds at the ear level via the hearing aid.

The audio signal from a given source is wirelessly streamed via a connected device called streamer which transmits the signal to the hearing aid. The Hearing Aid which is programmed as per the individuals hearing loss picks up this signal and with necessary amplification reproduces and presents it to the individuals’ ear canal.

In case of a Mobile Phone the hearing aid connects in a similar way via streamer and the individual can speak in the streamer for a two way conversation.

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